Press | A SOCAP Conversation with Kathryn Finney on #ProjectDiane, Thinking BIG, and What You Can Do to Build Racial and Gender Equity in Tech

When Kathryn Finney joined a tech accelerator in 2009, she saw first-hand evidence of a pattern that makes it harder for women of color to receive the support and funding they need to build successful ventures. She made it her mission to disrupt that paradigm. Through her evolving career as an entrepreneur, founder, speaker, consultant, and investor, Finney has become one of the most respected voices on inclusivity in the tech space. Read more.

Press | 10 Leaders You Didn’t Realize Were Gen Xers

There’s a lot of talk about Millennials these days. And when it’s not about Millennials, it’s about Gen Z. Or Baby Boomers, the old standby.

There’s one generation that is missing in most conversations: Generation X. We were born in the age of birth control and grew up believing it was quite possible that the U.S. and the Soviet Union were going to blow each other up with nukes. Read more.

Press | Women In Tech: The Names To Know In 2016

From robot designing to advising the government, these women are redefining tech

There’s a lot of exciting stuff going on with regards to women in the STEM careers (science, tech, engineering and maths) but unfortunately jobs within these areas are still completely dominated by men and research shows that many of us feel we lack the necessary skills to break into these professions. This is in spite of the numerous perks on offer, high salaries, lots of career prospects and great job security, to name a few. Read more.

Press | What’s killing white, middle-aged women in America?

Most Americans are living longer than ever. Deaths from heart disease and cancer for most age groups have been on the decline. But one group is in the grip of an epidemic and facing shorter lives: white, middle-aged women. Anne Case and Angus Deaton recently made headlines showing that death rates among middle-aged whites are up, while other racial and ethnic groups are living longer. Commentators worried it was a byproduct of an economy squeezing middle class men out of a job, leading to despair and suicide. Full story here.